Get the Real Dirt on Home Compostable

May 9th, 2022

Happy plants require a healthy planet.

Though this sentiment may sound obvious, these days, it’s something we need to keep in mind more than ever. It’s also advice that we take to heart in all aspects of our mission too.

At Glass House Farms, we believe sustainable solutions are essential, which is why we’re committed to cultivating world-class cannabis that doesn’t come at the environment’s expense. Though we applaud our peers in the industry who feel similarly and are taking meaningful action to reduce their own ecological footprints, unfortunately, this is a landscape dotted with companies who engage in a foul process known as “greenwashing.”

If you aren’t familiar, it’s a term that describes brands who chose to falsely market themselves as environmentally conscious. Sadly, it’s also a practice that’s becoming a major issue across numerous industries, rising in tandem with the public’s growing concern for our climate’s future. At a moment when 91% of plastic is not being recycled but instead being sent to landfills or burned for fuel, being cognizant of bad actors who claim to be green is absolutely critical.

With that said, however, it’s also important to realize that not every instance of greenwashing will be blatant or obvious. Indeed, something as seemingly insignificant as the wording a label chooses to employ may in fact reveal a ton about a given product’s compostable viability.

Take, for example, Glass House Farm’s new 1G pre-roll, home compostable Doob Tubes.

Eager to do our part to help solve the plastic problem, we’ve partnered with Dama Distributing to create a compostable pre-roll tube made entirely from plant-based bioplastics. Based in Colorado, Dama is our favorite kind of partner; locally owned and operated and devoted to pioneering sustainable solutions. In their case, that translates to making home compostable and compliant packaging for a variety of industries.

Fortunately, they were happy to team with us to create a pre-roll tube the planet can enjoy too — literally! That’s because, once you’ve finished with your purchase, you can bury our Doob Tubes in your backyard, where it will decompose within six to twelve months. Just remember to remove the label before you bury it. It’s for this reason that we can proudly claim our Doob Tubes are truly home compostable.

This distinction is, alas, necessary because there are other products on the market packaged in what are supposedly “compostable” materials too. Here’s the big catch, though: most (if not all) this packaging is still destined for a landfill or a fire pit.

How is that possible? One issue is that packaging can claim to be biodegradable by using plastics that are technically compostable but for which no practical way of getting them composted is readily available. “Is a package truly compostable,” mused Plastics Today, “if no composting facilities are willing to take it and there is no specific program to collect it?”

That’s the problem with many so-called “compostable” packaging plastics: yes, they are theoretically biodegradable, but the means and opportunity to ensure that such a process can take place is often lacking, if not altogether absent.

Contrast this failed promise with the DIY convenience of being able to enjoy a preroll, then safely and sustainably dispose of its packaging by burying it in your own backyard. Wait a maximum of a year and you’ll have perfectly harmless, non-toxic mulch. In addition, customers can also dispose of our Doob Tubes in curbside bins marked for industrial composting in any areas where such services exist.

Building on the idea that thinking sustainably means applying your passion for the planet to every facet of one’s operation, we knew that figuring out a way for our packaging materials to travel the shortest possible distance was another way for us to reduce our use. Though most of the pre-roll packaging you’ll encounter on the market is imported from China, our Doob Tubes are made right here in the US.

That’s fuel and energy saved as well as time preserved to focus on what matters most: growing gorgeous, sun-powered greenhouse cannabis for consumers to enjoy. True enjoyment, as we see it, includes empowering customers to make purchases secure in the knowledge that if a product claims to utilize compostable packaging, it does.

Even if there’s still work to be done to guarantee this outcome universally, you can rest assured that this will always be the case at Glass House Farms. After all, happy plants require a healthy planet — and no one loves happy plants more than us!