SB-34: What is it and How to Get Involved

June 3rd, 2022
Have you heard of SB-34? If you’re familiar with the cannabis industry, you may have heard of this act. If not, we’re here to clear a few things up, as well as explain how Glass House Farms has been getting involved!

What is SB-34?

Also known as the Dennis Perron and Brownie Mary Act, SB-34 is a California state law that’s providing a legal pathway for licensed cannabis operators to donate products are no cost to eligible patients. Both Dennis Perron and Brownie Mary Rathburn were cannabis activists since the 70s and 80s, taking on new compassion projects serving their communities in California until they passed.

The Act was passed in March 2020 and has given growers a chance to give back to those who can benefit from donations. Of course, there are restrictions on who can accept donations. Donations are provided to medical cannabis patients or primary caregivers, with a valid recommendation or medical marijuana identification card.

Veterans are also able to accept donations and non-profit partners such as Weed for Warriors and Veterans Cannabis Coalition help deliver the donations to veterans who need them.

Although the law provides no tax incentive, it eliminates the previous disincentive in donating legal products by excusing license holders from the state cultivation, use, and excise tax.

The provision in the law requires certain compliance measures, including verifying doctor recommendations and retaining patient and donation records to ensure the right people are receiving donations.

How We’re Getting Involved

Glass House Farms knows just how important these donations are and the number of people it’s been helping. With that in mind, we’ve been donating since March 28th, 2022, providing 600 3.5g jars in the month of March alone.


In April, we donated 18,820 3.5g jars and in May, 9,580 units of a mixture of 2.5g and 7g packages were sent as donations.

Our plan for June distributions includes various events with some of our partners. On Saturday, June 4th, Pottery Los Angeles will be hosting their first mass donation from 1-3 pm for veterans with the help of Weed for Warriors and Veterans Cannabis Coalition.

Our monthly distribution will be held at Farmacy (Santa Ana) at the end of the month!

Which Stores Recieve Donations?

Unfortunately, you can’t get these donations anywhere! We just got started working with a handful of non-profit partners to help distribute SB-34 donations. Here are our current and soon to be partners:
This brand is focused on holistic rehabilitation for veterans through a range of community-based projects, cannabis education, and care advocacy. They work to prevent the high number of veteran suicides through their efforts.
They’re a self-funded advocacy group that’s working towards ending cannabis prohibition and researching and developing cannabis-based treatments through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
Sweetleaf was established in 1996 and has provided its patients with over $5 million worth of compassionate cannabis. Their donations are for low-income veterans and terminally-ill patients.

Who Exactly Receives the Donations?

You may still be wondering who gets the donations. It varies, depending on how they’re distributed!

Mass distribution events are to supply donations for veterans. On the other hand, small 20-person programs at one of our partner stores (Farmacy, Santa Ana) allow veterans, the seriously ill, and some seniors who are low income to pick up donations.

One of our other partner stores – The Pottery, in LA, will be hosting a mass event shortly!

How to Pick up Donations

Can anyone come into a participating store and pick up the donation for someone at home? Unfortunately not. The medical cannabis patient must be the one to pick up the donation.

Each event has different rules when it comes to picking up but at large store events, patients are asked to send their ID, Veteran status, and medical recommendation ahead of time so documents can be verified and the patient can be added to their records.

If you’re a monthly program member, you can apply through an online application. When your application is approved, participants are allotted a specific time and date to come and pick up the donations. A state ID card isn’t necessary for these pick-ups, as a doctor’s medical recommendation is sufficient.

Learn More

Glass House Farms is dedicated to providing donations through our current and future partnerships while educating people about the significance of providing cannabis to veterans, low-income seniors, and those who are terminally ill.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Glass House Farms team today and check out our current product range while you’re at it!

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