Giving Back

Supporting Veterans through SB-34

SB-34 is a California state law that provides a legal pathway for licensed cannabis operators to donate cannabis products at no cost to eligible patients.

Through this act, we’ve partnered with dedicated organizations to donate our products to veterans in need of fair, safe access to cannabis.

Glass House Farms is dedicated to providing donations through our current and future partnerships while educating people about the significance of providing cannabis to veterans, low-income seniors, and those who are terminally ill.

SB34 is about cannabis access for medical patients. Where we see cannabis access, we see an association with lower opioid overdoses, lower suicides and better outcomes across the board. Access is smart public policy.”

-Sean Kiernan, CEO Weed For Warriors.

Photo by Weed for Warriors Project

Photo by Weed for Warriors Project


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Our Commitment

We’re honored to help individuals who have served our country as well as those with financial and/or medical constraints who are in need of this medicine. Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Glass House Farms team about how you can participate.