Sting Stress with Glass House Farms’ Jelly Fish CBD-Rich Tinctures

July 13th, 2022

Written by Zack Ruskin

Get to the root of why tinctures rock with our handy dosing guide and primer!

Ask around and you’ll quickly find that one of the most pressing concerns facing today’s modern cannabis consumers remains a desire to protect themselves from not getting too much of a good thing. Though advances in science, manufacturing, and labeling have all combined to ensure today’s licensed products offer a myriad of crucial details — including potency — it’s still important to remember that THC hits each of us differently.

Furthermore, the way we experience the effects of THC may also evolve over time. Resulting from our own building tolerance to the cannabinoid following prolonged and consistent consumption, THC is not a compound with a “one size fits all” dosing recommendation.

To the contrary: every human has an endocannabinoid system that will react slightly differently to stimulation from THC. The same holds true for a host of other notable cannabinoids, including CBD. For this reason, it’s not difficult to find someone with a horror story of buying an edible in a park from an unlicensed source and subsequently having a less than ideal experience.

Fortunately, such concerns can safely be considered a matter of the past. Today, thanks to new laws and the advent of state-licensed cannabis retail markets, consumers are instead faced with the opposite problem: a deluge of quality choices. From the trusty standby of flower to more modern advances like pre-rolls and boutique baked goods, the menu of tempting options available to those stepping foot in a dispensary these days has truly never been larger.

One of the newer cannabis categories to emerge is actually a form of the plant that precedes even the earliest U.S. laws aimed at its prohibition. Indeed, before the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act set the stage for more punitive legislation to come, cannabis was widely available in the form of drinkable tinctures. Though the practice would subsequently go underground, if not altogether dormant, over the next 50 years, it has now returned to reclaim its place as a viable, enticing new format for cannabis consumers to consider.

For this reason, Glass House Farms is thrilled to announce the return of our Jelly Fish CBD-Rich tinctures. Available in either 15ml or 30ml bottles, we see our tincture line as a way to offer consumers the best of both worlds, all thanks to our signature Jelly Fish flower.

In this case, we use alcohol as a solvent to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids from before reformulating it as a tincture. Packaged in glass bottles that come with accompanying droppers to aid with ingestion, there are currently a few different ways to make the most of your tincture purchase.

But first, it’s crucial to understand what makes Jelly Fish a bestselling, signature option in the Glass House Farm library.

Coming in hot from a second-place finish at the 2022 Emerald Cup Awards for “Best Alternative Cannabinoid Flower,” Jelly Fish — notable for its sweet floral notes and hints of earthiness — is unique in the modern cannabis world thanks to its ability to deliver relaxation, relieve muscles, and set your mind at ease without an overload of THC. Instead, consumers cautious about getting too high can feel at ease knowing that Jelly Fish was conceived to ensure people can enjoy the full benefits of this amazing strain without needing to take a detour to their sofa.

In lieu of lots of THC, our Jelly Fish tinctures spotlights a few lesser known cannabinoids, including CBC and CBG. In tincture form, that translates to a 13:1 ratio of naturally occurring CBD to THC.

Many Glass House Farms regulars tell us they now rely on Jelly Fish as a non-psychoactive, smooth solution for everything from intense exercise comedowns to a long day at the office. Some of the other perks to taking your cannabis in tincture form include its appeal as a consumption method that steers clear of the lungs, the ability of consumers to precisely dose, and the ease with which tinctures can be added to other beverages and food items.

While cannabis edibles must first be processed in our livers or stomachs before reaching our bloodstream, weed consumed via our respiratory system starts taking effect in mere minutes. Tinctures, by contrast, exist in a bit of a middleground. Consumed sublingually (aka under the tongue), tinctures can take the same route as smoke or vapor, leading to a far quicker onset time when compared with traditional edibles. Compounding this appeal is the precision offered by tinctures.

Thanks to the aforementioned dropper, novice consumers are given the opportunity to start slowly and build from there. Likewise, cannabis fans of all levels of experience will appreciate the ability to quickly and consistently replicate dosages without leaving any elements to chance. For true tincture beginners, the best path forward is to begin with a minimal dose and to then slowly, steadily increase it from there as desired.

Once you’ve found a satisfactory dose, you can now stretch your wings a bit. It’s all thanks to the versatility of tinctures, which can often be readily added to anything from a glass of water to a mug of hot coffee to a plate of pot roast. Keeping your specific dosing needs and limits in mind, it’s tough to think of an option more discreet than sipping a dosed bottle of soda or chomping on a self-infused snack. You won’t need to worry about smell, bulky accessories stealing valuable pocket space, or having to duck outside when it’s straight-up pouring outside either.

For these reasons — and more — Glass House Farms welcomes you to discover the wonders of our Jelly Fish tincture for yourself!

Zack Ruskin

Zack is a freelance cannabis and culture reporter. He served as San Francisco Weekly's "Pacific Highs" columnist for six years, covering local equity programs, Bay Area cannabis news, and interviewing everyone from Willie Nelson to Rep. Barbara Lee. His other bylines include the San Francisco Chronicle, Leafly, California Leaf Magazine, The Nib, Vanity Fair, KQED, and Variety. Follow him on Twitter: @zackruskin.