Glass House Farms’ Guide to Elevated Summer Road Trips

July 24th, 2022

Few things are as uniquely American as the grand tradition of the road trip. Chronicled in great works of literature by the likes of Jack Kerouac, pop culture is likewise filled with songs, films, and more devoted to chasing the high of the open road. Here in California, options for unforgettable road trips abound, and with summer in full swing, the time has never been better to grab your keys, load your GPS, and set off for a little adventure.

To help you find an ideal destination, Glass House Farms has put together a guide highlighting a few of our favorite road trips that you can take right here in the Golden State. And once you’ve safely arrived at your destination, we’ve also included some recommendations for Glass House strains and products you can enjoy to elevate your experience.

With that in mind, make sure your tank is full and read on for details on three road trips tailor-made to send your summer into overdrive.

Marin Headlands/Muir Woods

Those who live out-of-state are prone to forgetting about the place on the other end of the Golden Gate Bridge. A veritable wonderland of natural splendor, Marin County is a geography that includes beaches, Redwood forests, mountains, and simply unparalleled views of the surrounding Bay Area. Best of all, aside from a possible parking reservation, there’s really no advanced planning required to make the most of a road trip to this NorCal gem.

Regardless of which direction you’re heading, the right answer is always to take Highway 1 into San Francisco. Drive along the coastline until you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, then hit your first left to visit the historic Marin Headlands or follow signs for Muir Woods (advanced parking reservations required) to stand among some of the state’s iconic Redwoods. Be sure not to consume cannabis in any local, state, or federal park property, but also take solace in knowing Marin County is where a group of teenagers known as the Waldos first coined the term ‘420.’

Elevate Your Experience: Marin County is a place filled with seasoned stoners who remember the days when weed came in one option: whatever was available. They’ll likewise appreciate the concept behind Glass House Farms’ Smalls, which offer a reduced price point for nugs identical to our signature, full-size versions, just littler.

San Diego/La Jolla

Glass House Farms is proudly headquartered in Santa Barbara, so our road trip itineraries have us looking south just as often as we find ourselves heading to the Emerald Triangle. When we’re in Los Angeles, one of our top picks for a quick escape is the two-hour drive down to San Diego. Once there, soak up the sun by cruising 70 miles of sparkling coastline on US Route 101. Also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, this visually-stunning stretch runs from La Jolla to Oceanside and has plenty of great places to stop and visit along the way.

Up for a hike? Check out Torrey Pines State Reserve. It offers more than 8 miles of trails to explore as well as some of the best views of San Diego you’ll find anywhere. Have a pooch along for the ride? Your four-legged friend will be more than welcome at Del Mar’s Dog Beach, located near the iconic Del Mar Racetrack. Want a place to clear your head? Above the cliffs of Encinatas, you’ll find the calming gardens of the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple. Open to the public, the property’s features include walking paths, koi ponds, and plenty of benches where you can sit, rest, ponder, and reflect.

Elevate Your Experience: You’re on the go, things are happening, and you need a cannabis option that won’t cost you precious daylight. But fear not: Glass House Farms’ pre-roll packs are here to help. Each recyclable tin includes a quintet of half-gram prerolls packed with one of our signature flower strains. Consider them ready to bring the fire whenever you require it.

Sonoma/Emerald Triangle

What lies north of the San Francisco Bay Area? Take a road trip and find out! If you’re inclined for a shorter, more manageable outing, it’s only an hour or so to the heart of Sonoma’s famed Wine Country. Again, the route of choice here is Highway 1, which will deliver you to a land full of tastings and lush nature to explore (you can’t go wrong with Gualala Point Regional Park).

Have a little more in you? Head onwards to Bodega Bay for a pit stop at Patrick’s Salt Water Taffy and a chance to see many of the settings used in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 cult horror classic film The Birds. If there’s still gas in your tank, continue north to arrive in California’s legendary Emerald Triangle. Today, it’s actually possible to tour — and even stay overnight — at select farms, so don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with our favorite plant and some of the amazing people who grow it.

Elevate Your Experience: People take their cannabis pretty seriously up in the Emerald Triangle, so come prepared to blow their minds with a tin of F/ELD x Glass House Farms’ infused prerolls. This dream collab marries our sustainably grown cannabis with F/ELD’s tasty, terpy live resin and diamonds.