How to Stop Being Too High: Sobering Up From Cannabis

June 23rd, 2022

Cannabis, and specifically the THC cannabinoid, can make you feel high. This is an intoxicating sensation that can muddle your thoughts and activate your imagination. While THC won’t make you see or hear things, it can cause you to enter a slowed or activated state that is not ideal for every situation. Sativa cannabis can make you energetic and creative, indica can make you sleepy and sedated. But like anything with strong mental and physical effects, you may find yourself more intoxicated than you want to be.

There are no known cases of a cannabis overdose, but you can become ‘couch locked,’ or experience enhanced anxiety for a few hours if you do more cannabis – or the wrong kind of cannabis- than you are comfortable with. Whether you suddenly need to be sober or accidentally overdid the dosage, you may be looking for a fast way to sober up from cannabis and stop being high.

No Magic Cure; Plenty of Solutions

The first thing to understand is that there is no antidote, antigen, or antitoxin that neutralizes cannabis in your body or stops the function of endocannabinoid system receptors. There is no instant sobriety trick. Fortunately, the strong part of a high usually lasts less than two hours, and the symptoms, although very uncomfortable, are almost always not physically dangerous if you stay away from heavy machinery or anything that requires coordination.

The usual methods of reducing your THC blood concentration and managing specific unwanted symptoms can be very effective. Choose how you want to reduce or manage a weed-overconsumption based on your situation and why you need to sober up. If you’re freaking out, managing the anxiety for a few hours is your ideal method. If you suddenly need to handle an emergency, reduce the concentration in your bloodstream and call on sober friends for assistance.

1. Drink Water & Have a Snack

Why It Works: Reduce the THC concentration in your body.

The first and best way to actually stop being high is to reduce the THC concentration in your bloodstream. Most highs last around two, maybe three hours. Heavy edibles may last longer as they digest. The solution is to drink lots of water to properly hydrate and eat non-infused snacks. A well-balanced meal and a few glasses of water can help you sober up within the hour by overpowering the THC in your blood and helping your body flush it out.

2. Exercise and/or Take a Shower

Why It Works: Removes THC excreted through sweat & Soothes cannabis anxiety.

You can actually sweat-out THC. If you need to sober up fast or anxiety is making you physically active, jump around. Play energetic music and work up a sweat. Go running (with a friend) or just exercise in your living room. Then hit the showers and wash the THC sweat off your body to help reduce the amount uptaking through your CB receptors.

If you can’t exercise but are at home or a friend’s house, consider taking a shower. The water can soothe anxiety and wash away some of the THC being excreted through your sweat.

3. Calm Down and Wait It Out

Why It Works: The high and its troubles will fade on their own

A cannabis high only lasts about two hours. Edible highs last as long as six, but have a distinct arc in effect. If you are worried that you have overdone the cannabis and are experiencing adverse effects, resolve to wait it out. Drinking water and clearing your head can help, but remaining calm is the most important step to take. The high will fade, and you will be okay.

Some people have a strong anxiety response to cannabis or the wrong strain of cannabis. You may start to feel paranoid, emotionally volatile, frightened, defensive, or physically uncomfortable. These are not uncommon symptoms, and you are in no danger. Your body is having something like an allergic reaction, but without the anaphylactic risk. If you drink water and calm down, the feeling will fade in an hour or two.

4. Pine, Pepper, and Lemon Peels

Why It Works: Mental clarity hacks to overcome muddled thoughts

While you can’t stop a cannabis high, you can counter some symptoms. If you need mental clarity fast when high, there are three ways to achieve it that often work with cannabis. First is peppercorns. Sniffing or crunching peppercorns has a sharp capsaicin effect on your sinuses that can quickly wake you up. This is a lot like using smelling salts.

Another option is to eat a few pine nuts. The natural terpenes in the nuts can help you wake up and clear your head. Finally, lemon juice or chewing a little lemon peel can help clear your head with citrus and limonene.

5. Build a Blanket Fort and Watch a Movie

Why It Works: Soothes anxiety and helps wait out the high

The other common symptom of a weed-over is intense anxiety or paranoia. You can reduce this symptom just by engaging in soothing and comfortable behaviors. Build yourself a blanket-fort and put on an old favorite movie or tv season. Let yourself immerse in the story while totally comfortable for an hour or two and the anxiety attack will pass. This is often a great solution when chilling with friends and you want to keep the gathering friendly. Just tone down the activity and settle in for a movie. By the time it’s done, the anxiety will have passed.

6. Take a Walk Outside

Why It Works: Fresh air and trees are calming.

If indoors isn’t working for you, take a walk outside. Head for the nearest walking path through trees or by a waterside. Surround yourself with nature or look for a pretty view. Under the trees in your neighborhood can also be soothing. Take a walk and let your feet set the pace. Take deep breaths of fresh air. Trees, greenery, and sunshine all have proven to uplift your mood and help you relax. This can help you counteract the effects of anxiety and can sometimes help clear your head to reduce the symptoms and the effective strength of your high.

7. Know Your Strain, Dose, and Circumstance

Why It Works: Take control of your high and sobriety arc

The good news is that because a weed-over is not harmful, it can be a learning experience. Most people have at least one moment when they go overboard with the wrong strain. Most people eventually need to sober up fast during a deep, pleasant high. To avoid this experience in the future, try to match your strain, dose, and circumstances.

If you are anxious on one strain, another might have a different effect. You may strongly prefer Indica or Sativa varieties You will also have your own tolerance and metabolism for absorbing cannabis. Knowing how to maintain at your ideal level – and the sobriety arc from that level – can help you better enjoy your cannabis in the future. Don’t be afraid to experiment in your leisure time, both finding the right dose and sobering up with various methods as needed.