Blaze Up This Summer with Glass House Farms

July 5th, 2022

Written by Zack Ruskin

Beat the heat with our guide to the best strains, products, and plans to elevate the dog days of 2022.

There’s nothing quite like summer in California. For some of us, the heat and sun represent an open invitation to go camping, visit cherished swimming holes, or hike in the great outdoors. For others, it’s the start of recreational softball leagues, time to dust off the barbeque, and the start of beach season.

Whatever the arrival of summer may mean to you, pairing your plans with the perfect strains and cannabis products is a surefire way to ensure you make the most of the year’s longest days.

Here at Glass House Farms, we’re always coming up with inventive new ways to match our flower with our favorite forms of summer fun. To celebrate the season, we’ve put together a few of the best pairings we’ve thought up and topped it off with some tips and tricks for enjoying safe, stellar cannabis experiences from June to Labor Day. Grab your best pair of sunglasses, don’t forget a lighter, and enjoy!

PAIRING #1: Blue Dolphin x Forest Meditation

There’s something intrinsically serene about sitting in the midst of a quiet forest. It’s a sensation similar to the effects of Glass House Farms’ Blue Dolphin. With a strong kush background, this earthy, Indica dominant strain will gently send you into the self-reflective headspace needed to truly feel present and at one with the trees. As refreshing for the mind as a cold glass of water on a hot day, Blue Dolphin offers a blissful splash of mental relief for those in need of a little tranquility.

PAIRING #2: Tangelo Flow x Musical Festivals

For as long as musical festivals have existed, attendees have elevated their experiences with the aid of cannabis. Today, the festival circuit offers a veritable stampede of appealing options. They even include a few events, like San Francisco’s Outside Lands, where ticketholders are now able to legally purchase cannabis! But in lieu of access to an on-site dispensary, our pick for the best strain to rock all day long with is Glass House Farm’s Tangelo Flow. Offering an even balance of THC and CBD, Tangelo Flow is here to set your body and mind on cruise control for maximum festival fun.

PAIRING #3: Wedding Crasher x Backyard Parties

While we’d never advocate for crashing a party, we can definitely recommend Glass House Farms’ Wedding Crasher as an optimum cannabis party favor of choice. Featuring a cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, this scrumptious strain boasts notes of vanilla, berry, and nuts. What makes it our weed of choice for party fun? Take a hit of Wedding Crasher and almost instantaneously, you’ll feel a blend of euphoria, motivation, and creativity that will have you ready to hit the dance floor. Even better, our Wedding Crasher is also available as pre-roll singles, meaning you can leave the grinder, papers, etc. at home. Pocket space for the win!


DO: Be the most popular person at the party by bringing a pack of Glass House Farms pre-rolls.

Is there anything better than the communal act of sharing a joint? In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we know this cherished activity may not be a viable option at the moment, which is why we encourage you to grab a box of the next-best alternative: Glass House Farms pre-rolls! Let everyone enjoy their own smoke and here’s hoping we’ll be back to passing it to the left someday soon!

DON’T: Be careless with flammable materials.

Yes, this may seem obvious, but with wildfires now a perennial threat in California, it’s never been more important to always ensure your flammable material (joints, bowl ash, matches) are properly extinguished after use. We’re with Smokey the Bear on this one: it’s up to all of us to prevent forest fires!

DO: Bring a hammock whenever possible.

We’ll cut to the chase: hammocks rock. Find some trees or likewise sturdy posts, clip a few ropes, and viola! You’re all set for some maximum relaxation that would have Homer Simpson jealous. Looking for some ideas on which hammock to take home? Here’s a guide to get you started.

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DON’T: Litter or leave any refuse behind.

Glass House Farms strongly believes in the need for sustainable solutions. While that includes large-scale changes — click here to read about our commitment to the planet or here for more on our home compostable doob tubes— it begins with simple acts of responsibility. That includes making sure you take all your trash with you when camping, hanging at the beach, or just out for a picnic somewhere green.

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