Up, Up, and Away! Introducing Glass House Farms x FIELD infused pre-rolls

Posted August 27, 2021 


Traditionally, rolling a joint has been a rite of passage for every cannabis enthusiast. While there’s still much to be enjoyed by practicing the art of grinding up some flower, grabbing a rolling paper, and sealing the two together before enjoying the fruits of your labor, there simply isn’t always time in the day to dedicate to such efforts.

That’s where pre-rolls come in. By removing the labor and guesswork out of the process, pre-rolls have quickly become one of the most popular categories of cannabis products on the market today. Naturally, in an industry always dreaming up the next big thing, it was only a matter of time before a twist on this classic recipe arrived.

Infused pre-rolls take the convenience of this concept and bring something extra in the form of an added THC and terpene kick. Live resin, hash, diamonds, and distillate are commonly used in the infusion. Infusions are done by taking a highly potent form of concentrated, plant derived THC and cannabinoids and infusing it in with the pre-ground flower itself, or on the outside of the rolling paper. Either way, the result is an enhanced consumption experience by way of supercharging the potency of the joint.



When it came to crafting Glass House Farm’s own line of infused pre-rolls, we knew only the best would do. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the world-class extractors at FIELD to deliver a selection of infused pre-rolls that cater to the regular pre-roll smoker seeking a stronger, faster high without sacrificing an ounce of quality or convenience.

By marrying Glass House Farm’s sustainably grown cannabis with FIELD’s tasty, terpy live resin and diamonds, these infused pre-rolls offer a fresh, unique take on one of our signature products all rolled into one insanely delicious, ultra-potent smoke.

FIELD’s use of hand selected, fresh-frozen flower ensures that the taste you get in each puff is packed with delicious terpenes and delivers a full-flavor experience every time. This goes hand-in-hand with FIELD’s commitment to never using distillate, “refinement,” CRC processing, or added terpenes – meaning what you toke is always exclusively the good stuff, no filler.



When something excites us, we like to go big. That’s why we’re kicking off our line of GHF x FIELD infused pre-rolls with four unique, must-try options that each appeal to different to taste, effect, and terpene preferences. Without further ado, let’s meet the strains headlining our initial launch.



If you have a sweet tooth, take a ride in the sky with our Ice Cream Cloud Hybrid. Featuring dominant notes of vanilla, this strain is great for taking a load off and adding some joy back into your mindset. If you treat yourself to this pairing of Super Silver Haze Flower and Ice Cream Cake Extract, prepare to drift off into a warm, hazy high on a current of creamy flavors and a soothing burst of euphoria.



Who says consuming cannabis can’t lead to productivity? For proof, try our Citrus Apricot. This indica dominant option sits squarely at the crossroads of sugar and citrus, where it promises a bold blast of lemon-berry as well as an uplifting, creative high. The journey then continues into a chilled-out vibe, showcasing what makes this blend of Orange Apricot x Blue Dolphin extract with GHF’s Sugar Tarts flower a welcome ray of sunshine to any day.



Few things are more relaxing than watching the waves crash on the beach, and that’s exactly the feeling our Marine Layers infused pre-rolls seek to replicate. Standing apart as the rare mellow sativa, this option marries classic Haze genetics with a delectable punch of fruity terpenes. Quite potent, consumers should expect an initial cerebral buzz that segues into a prime state of relaxation. And it’s all made possible courtesy of a brilliant marriage of FIELD’s Tropic Heat Extract with GHF’s Super Silver Haze Flower.



For most of us, the end of the day is a time to let go of stress and recharge. If you need a little help in that department, your answer might just be our Papaya Tarts. Another indica dominant option to consider, Papaya Tarts features a brilliant mix of Papaya Punch x Sugar Tarts extract with GHF’s own Sugar Tarts flower. The result is an infused pre-roll that will set your senses to maximum chill, wherever you may be. Send your stress packing with this veritable flavor explosion of funky fruit plus a touch of floral.

Look out for these infused pre-rolls in licensed dispensaries and cannabis delivery services across California – and if your favorite shop doesn’t carry it now, make sure to ask for it! Be sure to read our blog post about everything you need to know before your first cannabis dispensary visit.