Best Hiking Spots in Santa Barbara: with Sara from Glass House Farms

Posted August 30, 2021 By Sarah Gibson

enjoying the great outdoors with a nice cannabis buzz cannot be beat

Being that cannabis comes from the earth, it really is no surprise that the two go together like peanut butter and jelly. The sun on your shoulders, crisp air filling your lungs, wind in your hair, feeling at one with nature are all experiences that beg to be paired with an herbal enhancement.

Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll or an intense trek to get your heart pumping, there’s a hike for everyone in Santa Barbara’s unbeatable nature scene. Our farms call Santa Barbara home, but this gorgeous city is also known for its sprawling coastal views, hikes for all levels, and breathtaking sunsets. When you’re ready to see all that this charming town has to offer on a hike, all you need is the perfect Glass House strain to put some pep in your step.

Read on for three of my favorite hiking trails and strains that effortlessly complement your adventure.


Seven Falls Trail

If you’re an experienced day hiker looking for a moderate challenge, Seven Falls Trail near Santa Barbara is for you. Featuring breathtaking waterfalls and swimming holes (when we’re not in a drought), this trail is perfect for a nature trip all year round. Primarily used for hiking, furry friends are welcome to enjoy this trail with you as well.

Hiking Enhancement: Super Silver Haze
For this day hike, you need a zippy sativa like Super Silver Haze to get your head right and keep your energy high. A few puffs of this energetic, uplifting, and focused, yet physically relaxing strain and you’ll feel ready to conquer anything. With a blend of limonene and pinene, this superstar sativa will surround you with just the right balance of calm and energy.


Inspiration Point

When you want a moderately challenging hike that will leave you in awe of Mother Nature, you need to check out Inspiration Point. Complete with gorgeous panoramic views of the Central Coast and beautiful wildflowers, there are endless sights and sounds to delight your senses at every turn. As always, remember to bring lots of water as it can get hot. Expect to encounter other hikers, joggers, and even mountain bikers on this trail, so if you want to bring your dog, they must be kept on a leash—this is a busy trail all year round.

Hiking Enhancement: Cherry AK
To complete this inspirational nature trip, bring some Cherry AK along for the ride. Known for its euphoric yet energizing effects, this fruit-forward flower will allow you to truly appreciate the present moment. Whether you’re taking in the views or pausing to smell the flowers, get ready to experience a relaxing yet uplifting hike.


San Antonio Creek Trail

Great for beginners and pros alike, this roughly three-mile trail is easily accessible all year round. With a blend of shade, sun, and a quiet babbling creek running along the trail, there is a little something for everyone on this peaceful hike. Feel free to take your time with this one and enjoy a relaxed pace as you take in some fresh air.

Hiking Enhancement: Jelly Fish
Treat yourself to a mellow, laidback hike with our CBD-rich flower, Jelly Fish. Offering a barely-there high, this flower is all about relaxation—from your muscles to your mind, you’ll feel everything start to unwind in just a few puffs.


Trailblazing Pro-Tips

To get you started on the right path, follow these pro-tips for the ultimate hiking experience.

Stay hydrated.
This is important anywhere you hike, but especially in California. The weather can be incredibly dry, hot, and arid, which means you can get dehydrated before you know it. No matter how short you think your hike might be, you never want to get caught in the California sun without water. So bring a water bottle with you whenever you step onto the trails.

Stretch before and after your hike.
Although it can be tempting to hop out of your car and get straight to your hike, stretching will help minimize sore muscles and may even prevent injury. Instead of hopping right on the trail, take your time and stretch it out and your body will thank you later.

Leave no trace behind.
Perhaps the most important rule of thumb is to leave Mother Nature just the way you found it. That means being especially careful if you plan on snacking during your travels. I suggest that you bring a small bag with you so you can throw away any trash at an appropriate place instead of ditching it along the path—and remember, only you can prevent forest fires. Never ever leave roaches (or anything else) behind that could potentially spark California’s dry terrain.


Happy Hiking

Now the fun part: Go out and explore! Let us know what you think of our fave hikes and maybe we’ll see you out there on the trail.

Sarah Gibson

Sara is the track and trace manager at Glass House Farms. She enjoys hanging out with her son, gardening, camping, and volunteering/fostering for animal organizations in SB county.