Meet the Weed Wizards Behind Glass House Farms’ Tangelo Flow

March 25th, 2022

How fire phenotypes, world-class cultivation, and California sunshine are being combined to make your next favorite strain.

At the end of the day, our mission is to provide the best cannabis grown in California. It starts with world-class genetics, continues with cultivators who embody a true passion for their plants, and doesn’t end until the moment our customers sit down to enjoy the finished product.

As part of this commitment, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with all manner of companies and organizations who share our common goal of responsibly uplifting cannabis and the amazing community that exists around it.

Be it linking with local artists to design merch or lending our might to support causes we believe in, Glass House Farms is always ready to think outside of the jar — but what’s inside those jars matters a lot to us too! That’s why we’re not afraid to put in the effort when it comes to finding genetics and offering strains that you won’t find anywhere else.

When we saw a need for a CBD-rich strain that could still pack plenty of flavor and funk, we created Jelly Fish. This Glass House Farms-exclusive strain is now a popular pick for those who crave a non-psychoactive cannabis experience or for anyone who may be looking to reset their THC tolerance while still enjoying incredible weed.

Thanks in part to the overwhelming response we’ve received to Jelly Fish, we knew our work was far from over. If that strain offered an ideal experience for those who wanted next-to-no THC, what could we find for consumers interested in a strain boasting an equal balance of CBD and THC?

To find the answer, we hit up the crew of dedicated genetic junkies over at FRB (Front Range Bio) Genetics. Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work together on a series of cultivation trials for a carefully selected handful of cannabis varieties.

The targets of our research and development have varied a bit, with FRB phenotyping genetics that led us to strains rich in THCV (Day Slayer); unique, sativa-dominant varietals (Grape Congolese); and a skunky, chocolatey cross of GMO x Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies that you’ll now find on our menu (Wonder Bars).

Wonder Bars was not the only gold we’ve struck so far, however. In pursuit of a 1:1 strain that tastes amazing but delivers a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, you now need to look no further than Tangelo Flow, an FRB genetics proprietary strain packaged exclusively for Glass House Farms. 

Using a marker-assisted breeding program, FRB Genetics pinned this strain’s lineage down as a cross of Green Crack and Cherry Wine. Co-founder Chris Zalewski even performed the final seed characterization for us personally — thanks Chris!

As a strain that dials back the THC without sacrificing an iota of flavor or quality, Tangelo Flow represents a stepping stone option in a market that can often feel a choice between extremes.

Showcasing genetics that combine citrus-forward flavors, ease of cultivation, and a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, Tangelo Flow is a smooth ride ideal for those in need of low-level, balanced elevation. Your tastebuds will thank you too, as this strain’s notes of cherry, lemon, and fuel will likely remind some consumers of Tangie.

That’s no coincidence! The Tangie strain actually shares several major terpenes in common with Tangelo Flow, which is why we decided to name our new strain in homage to both Tangie and the way you’ll feel after enjoying some of this strain for yourself.

How would we describe it? Think of Tangelo Flow as setting your body and mind on cruise control for a bit. And if you’re feeling ready to embark on a tolerance reset, you can now choose to steadily progress from Jelly Fish to Tangelo Flow to any number of THC-rich strains on the Glass House Farms menu.

We think that’s pretty awesome, which is why we’re thrilled to see Tangelo Flow compete as an official entry at this year’s Emerald Cup.

But this strain could never have reached such a milestone (let alone even existed!) without the hard work and incredible camaraderie of our pals at FRB Genetics. At a time when the industry is often depicted as being awash in rivals, it means everything to us to find and collaborate with a partner so aligned with our own quest to provide Californians with an ample selection of the best bud around.

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