Buying Cannabis “Smalls” Has Sizeable Benefits

Posted October 22

Here’s the big picture on small nugs and why Glass House sells them with pride.

Watch enough commercials on television and you might become convinced that bigger is always better. Whether it’s a burger chain advertising their latest monster sandwich or a car company touting the legroom available in a behemoth SUV, there seems to be unending parade of marketing efforts designed to convince us that size does matter.

Sure, this saying has its proper applications. For instance, who wouldn’t want to be the biggest wrestler in the ring? However, when it comes to weed, it’s important to understand that size is more of a selling point than an indication that your flower is top-notch.

Because you can always count on Glass House to provide the best quality cannabis, we want to tell you all about the option to get a great deal on what’s known as “smalls.” Yes, these nugs are quite literally cosmetically smaller, but we’re here to tell you that they are still the same quality Glass House greenhouse flower that you know and love.

Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered with a full rundown on the story behind smalls.



To understand the deal with smalls, we should start by explaining why a standard cannabis harvest will always yield nugs of different sizes in the first place.

As you likely know, cannabis plants like to grow in the direction of the sun. As a result, the buds that form at the top of a plant (known as colas) are the ones that absorb the most sunlight and thus tend to be the most robust. However, other colas, like the ones located towards the bottom of a cannabis plant, are left to make do with less sunlight. The result is smaller buds that have all the good stuff but simply don’t have the same commercial appeal.

What’s important to take away here is that smalls are the same plant and flower as the jar-worthy nugs we know and love. They’re simply a tinier version, although there are other reasons for weed smokers to be stoked on smalls as well.



Why are we so high on our smaller nugs? Because they offer all of the same incredible medicinal benefits as their larger, more “centerfold-worthy” equivalents.

Despite the fact that smalls may not be Instagram-worthy, their lack of size does not translate to a significant drop in cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) or terpenes, which give strains their distinctive taste and smell among other attributes. You can still expect great trichomes, incredible aromas and flavors, and strain-specific potency and effects as well.

In short: the main difference between smalls and big nugs is an aesthetic preference.

As a result, farms like Glass House are able to offer the former at a compelling price point that saves consumers money without costing them an ounce of quality. Additionally, some people may actually prefer smalls given they are easier to pack into a bowl and can also be hand-ground more quickly for those who like to roll on the go.

Furthermore, there is also the added perk of smalls typically having less stems. This pays off in two ways, both as a point of convenience and as a savings perk, given less stem weight means more bang for your buck.



Unfortunately, there are some cannabis brands out there that do not differentiate their smalls from their marquee nugs, instead opting to mix the two together without acknowledging it to consumers. Here at Glass House, we aren’t interested in trying to hide our smalls. Instead, we’d rather celebrate them!

As part of our promise to sell all of our flower with pride, we even occasionally add some full-sized nugs to our smalls bags. In situations where we grow enough of one strain, Glass House will offer mixed bags of both full size and smalls in one of our larger (7g and 28g) format bags. It’s both a token of appreciation for our loyal consumers and another way of proving that when it comes to weed, size doesn’t define quality.

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