Best of Weedmaps Brand 2022

November 2nd, 2022

Ever wonder if weed awards exist? 

Surely there have to be brands and businesses that are providing the people with the best weed they can get their hands on ..right? We’re happy to say that that’s exactly what the Best of Weedmaps Brand 2022 is all about.

About Weedmaps:

If you’re not already familiar with Weedmaps, it’s a trusted source for all things cannabis. By providing an online platform for consumers to seek out the best weed businesses in their area, Weedmaps works to enable safe and legal access to people worldwide.

Each year, they award those who are the best in the biz, according to location. Weedmaps explained that “only 100 deliveries, 100 brands, and 200 dispensaries received this award”. Customers in a brand’s area are able to make this happen by interacting with a specific business. Essentially, the more interest customers show in your brand, the higher the chance you’ll be a part of the Best of Weedmaps.

When a business is selected as a Weedmaps brand, you’ll find a trophy icon next to its name on the ‘Best of” map filter.

We Made the ‘Best of Weedmaps Brands’, 2022!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Glass House Farms is one of the Best of Weedmaps Brands 2022. We’ve taken that to mean that we’ve done something right this year. When searching for the best weed products in California, you’ve chosen Glass House Farms and we’re thrilled you trusted us to provide you with nothing but the best bud.

We pride ourselves in cultivating the highest quality bud for you to enjoy. This is done by sourcing the best genetics to produce unique and outstanding strains, as well as utilizing greenhouses to maximize the sun’s power to consistently provide a premium product.

If you want to know more about the product you’re consuming, you can check the lab results for every unique product type that we make. We’ve been committed to sharing the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) by searching for the strain, and product type by using the batch number on your product package so that you’re always informed and know exactly what’s in your weed.

Find Glass House Farms

Ready to sit back and take a puff of some of the finest weed products in your area? You can shop Glass House Farms products here and use Best of Weedmaps to find a shop carrying our products near you.

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