Hot New Glass House Farms Strains – November

November 10th, 2022

Thinking about spicing up your cannabis routine? Check out the latest Glass House Farms strains that just dropped. Grown along the California coast, our team is dedicated to the cultivation of new strains we know you’ll enjoy with every puff.

If you’re looking for an outer outer-world experience, Garlic Galaxy #7 won’t disappoint! This indica dominant strain has a strong earthy and floral scent and is delivered from GMO, Starfighter and Wifi #7 strains. You can expect to ride a wave of euphoria with this strain and since it’ an indica dominant, it’s best used at night or on a day when you don’t have anything important to get done! Kick back with your favorite movie or Netflix series and ride that wave all night long.

Coming in hot with another indica dominant strain is Pavlova Meringue. Derived from Banana Creamcake and Jealousy, you can expect a sweet, vanilla and fruity scent. Smoke Pavolva Meringue on a day where you need a little pick me up because it’s sure to lighten your mood instantly! You can also expect a few giggles and an escape from your daily stress and who can say no to that?

Everyone deserves a self-care day and what better way to enjoy it other than with a few puffs of Wappa Northern? This sativa dominant strain has a smooth skunky scent, mixed with a punch of pine and herbs. This is one of our favorite new weed strains with a wonderful relaxing effect that will help you dive into your imaginative and creative side. Say hello to idyllic daydreams and goodbye to your worries.

If you’re not the biggest fan of an indica dominant strain, Krypto Chronic is the one for you! This hybrid will have the balance you’re looking for in a new strain. It has a fruity and sweet aroma and flavor and is a great additional to a range of activities.

Reach for Krypto Chronic when you’re ready to open your heart and mind to joyful and passionate thoughts. You can indulge when you’re by yourself, on a date night or when you need a little extra happiness in your life. You can’t help but smile with this strain and it will likely become your new fave!

Pro tip: Try Krypto Chronic when you’re in the mood for a bubble bath and you won’t regret it.

Explore New Weed Strains

There’s nothing better than exploring the endless magic of new weed strains. Go on and switch up your routine & try one of our latest combos next time you’re shopping for Glass House Farms, you never know what strain you might fall in love with next.

Here are Glass House Farms, we love bringing you unique and delicately crafted strains to try. We can’t wait to hear which new strain you’re smoking on next! Shop all our latest products here.

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