New Year, New Strains

February 2nd, 2023

New Year, new goals, new strains to savor. 2023 is off to an epic start with a variety of new Glass House Farms strains ready to light up your year. 

This recent drop is perfect if you’re working towards new goals or simply looking for new weed to help get you through the rest of winter. Regardless of your intentions, there’s a hot new strain for everyone.

Want a little more balance in 2023? Mafia Funeral is the hybrid you’ve been waiting for! This is one of the most memorable weed strains with an aroma you won’t forget, smelling of citrus and garlic with a hint of menthol. Use Mafia Funeral when you’re mapping out work or creative projects because the creative juices will be flowing.

It’s an everyday strain that can be used on any occasion and especially adds to daytime adventures. Grab a few friends and watch the sunset or try your hand at a new hobby/craft.

If you’re after more of a pick-me-up, Mango Mintality will be your go-to. It’s a Sativa-dominant with a tropical and minty flavor. This strain is best used for outdoor activities such as a winter hike or stroll through the park but is also great if you want to socialize with friends.

Mango Mintality is sure to brighten any day.

On the flip side, you might be looking for an Indica-dominant, in which case, Modified Grapes is calling your name. It has a deep, pungent, grape and garlic flavor that will send your mind and body into deep relaxation. Need we say more?

Pick up this weed strain when you need to de-stress and quiet your mind after crushing a day of hard work.

Sometimes you don’t always want to experience the psychoactive effects of THC, which is what Gush Mints CBD is here for. It has a sweet and minty flavor that will help you feel calm if you’re feeling anxious or overworked. CBD is best used when you’re not quite feeling like yourself and want to refocus and reset.

Get your mind on track so you can be the best version of yourself for the rest of 2023! You’ll be thanking yourself later.

Quality Cannabis You Can Trust

Glass House Farms has been growing quality cannabis and offering some of the best weed strains in California. We grow with the preservation of our land and the local community in mind.

Using greenhouses to cultivate each bud, it can be grown sustainably and sold at a reasonable price. Environmental controls are used to maximize the use of the sun’s energy while eliminating harsh elements that could affect the quality of our cannabis. Our methods such as pest management and water recapture result in some of the best cannabis you’ll get your hands on!

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