These Fan Favorite StRains Are Back!

January 13th, 2023

You Asked, We Delivered. Here are some popular Glass House Farm strains making a comeback this month.

Whether you caught these on their first go around or you’re here for the first
time you’re going to love what’s coming your way. These strains are fan
favorites for good reason!

We don’t nug shame here – Fatso’s name is taken from the wonderfully dense
large nugs this fan fave produces. An indica you can always rely on, he’s not fat –he’s just big boned.

Fatso has a delicious coffee scent, that we can assure you, has the exact opposite effect of coffee! Fatso’s pungent aroma will whisk your mind and body away to a heavyweight high that takes you on a ride through space and time. This smooth and heavy strain will help you relax after a long day at work and lull you into a deep sleep when you need it the most.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to a much-needed break with Fatso!

If Fatso doesn’t quite do it for you, it might be time to give Fire OG a try.

Similar to Fatso, Fire OG is an indica-dominant strain but this one has an
earthy, sweet scent and a much more euphoric high. It’s the type of strain
you’d pick up while sitting around a campfire with friends laughing and
conversing as you watch the flames and embers flicker late into the night sky.

Starting out with an uplifting feeling that carries over to a calm and relaxed
state of mind. This is one of our favorite returning strains for helping you work
through your nightly journal and plan for the year ahead.

Blue Dream is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world for good
reason. This sativa dominant strain has all of the benefits of a typical sativa
plus a relaxing body-high you typically don’t find in strains like these. It’s a
perfect marriage of a heady-high sativa with the relaxing, euphoric qualities
found in hybrid’s & indica’s. And if that’s not reason enough to fall in love with
this strain, its sweet berry scent alone is enough to send you on your merry

Blue Dream is a staple strain that can be used comfortably during the day to
complete tasks at home or dive into a creative project!

Always in high demand, it’s no wonder why we receive so many requests for
this dreamy strain.

An often requested strain – Mac 1 just might be our favorite of these returning
strains! Perfect for daily use, Mac 1 is a hybrid through and through with an
earthy sweet scent that reminds us of freshly picked cherries.

Looking for the right motivation to start that next project or searching for
inspiration to finish the one you started last year? Mac 1 is perfect for getting
those creative juices flowing with a relaxed high that opens your mind.

Try it out during your next brainstorming session and see where Mac 1 takes
you. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Get Them Before They’re Gone

As with anything good, it’s not going to last long! These strains are back for a
limited time so if you have your eye on one (or all four), click the link below to
see where you can grab them before they’ve all gone up in smoke.

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