This Valentine’s Day, Get Intimate with Cannabis

February 11th, 2022

Written by Zack Ruskin


Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with rituals.

For some, that means heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. For others, it’s a snazzy dinner reservation, a fresh bouquet of roses, or a thoughtful card. If you’re lucky enough, perhaps it’s all the above! Whatever your preference, the arrival of Feb. 14 is also a wonderful opportunity to consider incorporating a new, cannabis-infused element into your romantic celebrations.

Whether you desire renewed intimacy or simply waited too long to call your favorite Italian place to book a table, cannabis can provide the spark for enjoying an intimate Valentine’s Day with your special someone. The key to everything? Terpenes.

These compounds occur naturally in cannabis and provide strains with their distinctive aromas, flavors, and effects. They can also serve as a road map of sorts, offering insight into what a consumer may expect to feel, be it sleepy, energized, or even aroused.

Though a myriad of other factors (tolerance, potency, experience) must also be
considered, the upside is that consumers can seek out cannabis products to alleviate symptoms which may be holding their sex drives back — or simply enjoy them as a means of setting the mood!

Unfortunately, for as long as cannabis remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law, researchers remain largely hamstrung in their efforts to study the plant in depth as it relates to topics like weed’s impact on arousal. So while we can’t definitively say exactly how cannabis and human arousal intertwine, what we can offer are the ideal terpenes, strains, and products for treating symptoms like a lack of desire, exhaustion, or anixety that may be limiting one’s ability to become aroused.

Let’s look at a few of the top terpene options to keep in mind this Valentine’s Day!


Ideal For: Stimulating Energy
Suggested GHF Strains: Mac 1; R*ntz

The easiest way to remember limonene is to think of limes and citrus. You’ll taste plenty of both when enjoying a strain or product rich in this terpene reputed for its fresh fruit flavors and energizing uplift. Often utilized for its abilities to enhance one’s mood and refresh their mental palate, enjoying a limonene-rich toke with your sweetie is one sure fire way to kick things up a notch this Valentine’s Day.

R_ntz - 3.5g - INDICA DOM - JAR


Ideal For: Stress Relief
Suggested GHF Strains: Gelonade; Papaya Punch

Be it in a bouquet or packed in a bowl, linalool is a terpene with impressive powers to soothe. Commonly associated with lavender, linalool can also be found in several signature Glass House Farms cannabis strains. Beyond the expected and delightful flavor and aroma of lavender, enjoying weed rich in linalool is also a great way to get relaxed and destressed in a hurry. Since fate has seen fit to make this year’s Valentine’s fall on a Tuesday, look to linalool to help you shake off the workday and enjoy a night of romance.

Gelonade - GHF - HYBRID - 3.5g
Papaya Punch Indica 8th Jar


Ideal For: Pain Relief
Suggested GHF Strains: Blue Dolphin; Cereal Milk; Jelly Fish

Terpenes — they sound like what they smell like! Such is again the case with pinene and its signature aroma/flavor of fresh pine needles. Comforting, familiar, and ever popular with consumers, cannabis strains rich in pinene bring the added value of providing aid as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever too. If you can’t afford to get your loved one a professional message, why not go DIY by puffing on some pinene-packed cannabis together and doing the job yourself? If you’re lucky, perhaps they’ll even return the favor!

jellyfish cbd with flower

As far as planning a Valentine’s activity themed around cannabis, you can truly take your pick! Options include sharing the experience of rolling the perfect joint, cooking a cannabis-infused recipe or meal together, or even heading out on the road for an adventure.

Whatever you decide, keep Glass House Farms in mind this Valentine’s Day. Your
special someone thanks you in advance!

Zack Ruskin

Zack is a freelance cannabis and culture reporter. He served as San Francisco Weekly’s “Pacific Highs” columnist for six years, covering local equity programs, Bay Area cannabis news, and interviewing everyone from Willie Nelson to Rep. Barbara Lee. His other bylines include the San Francisco Chronicle, Leafly, California Leaf Magazine, The Nib, Vanity Fair, KQED, and Variety. Follow him on Twitter: @zackruskin.