Let’s Help CA NORML Power Progressive Change

September 18th, 2022

Written by Zack Ruskin

Glass House Farms is proud to share a call-to-action in support of protecting the employment rights of Californians who use cannabis off the job.

Long before Glass House Farms jarred our first batches of cannabis, there was NORML. A leading organization in the call for progressive pot reforms, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was established way back in 1970. Two years later, California formed its own state-level chapter: CA NORML.

With a mission statement centered on “protecting and expanding cannabis consumers’ rights,” the work of CA NORML takes many forms. They publish a newsletter, lobby lawmakers, sponsor events and scientific research, and even offer legal, educational, and consumer health advice where possible. Champions of the fight to legalize medicinal marijuana via 1996’s landmark Prop 215, CA NORML has continuously sought to protect and expand the rights of adult cannabis consumers in the state for decades.

Today, that work continues — and they need our help!


Currently, there’s a bill sitting on Gov. Newsom’s desk that, if signed, would ban workplace discrimination due to drug tests for inactive metabolites of THC. The issue with such tests is that they can pick up cannabis use from days or weeks prior — results which have no correlation with on-the-job impairment concerns.

Versions of a bill to remedy this situation have been suggested since as far back as 2008, when Asm. Leno saw his bill (which specifically focused on the workplace rights of medical marijuana users) get vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger. Subsequent attempts have failed to survive votes in the California legislature, but thankfully, a new opportunity has arrived in the form of AB 2188.

Supported by CA NORML, the bill successfully passed the CA legislature on Aug. 30 and now sits on Gov. Newsom’s desk in need of his signature. That’s where you come in.

If you want to see this important employment protection measure become state law, CA NORML is asking that you send Gov. Newsom a letter voicing your support for AB 2188. To make it extra easy, there’s even a pre-written letter you can fill in and send via the button below.*

*Update: Thanks to everyone’s help and support, Gov. Newson signed bill AB 2188 into law, preventing employers from discriminating against cannabis use outside the workplace.

As a bill that CA NORML has been working to pass for many years, Glass House Farms encourages consumers to take a moment, send a letter of support, and help to ensure workers in California are not subject to discrimination because of off-the-job cannabis use.

For our part, Glass House Farms was thrilled to sponsor CA NORML’s event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Prop 215 back in January. Later that spring, we sponsored CA NORML’s Lobby Day at the Capital and, most recently, the organization’s booth and panels at the CA State Fair in Sacramento.

This is an ongoing effort that requires we all lend a hand, so let’s seize this chance to put change into action by ensuring AB 2188 becomes the law of the land here in California! It’s the type of action that CA NORML is built on and we’re happy to add our voice to those championing this important cause.

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Zack Ruskin

Zack is a freelance cannabis and culture reporter. He served as San Francisco Weekly's "Pacific Highs" columnist for six years, covering local equity programs, Bay Area cannabis news, and interviewing everyone from Willie Nelson to Rep. Barbara Lee. His other bylines include the San Francisco Chronicle, Leafly, California Leaf Magazine, The Nib, Vanity Fair, KQED, and Variety. Follow him on Twitter: @zackruskin.