Best Ways to Use Our CBD-Rich Strain Jelly Fish

Posted September 30, 2021 By Kelly Graham

When many people think of cannabis, they think it’s all about getting as high as humanly possible, eating a bag of chips, and passing out on the couch. And while some people might enjoy doing that, not everyone wants to get lit light a candlestick every time they smoke.

That is one of the many reasons why CBD-rich cannabis strains are becoming more and more popular—like our signature strain, Jelly Fish. While CBD-focused strains still have a small percentage of THC, the psychoactive effects are gentle and approachable for all levels of weed experience.

If you’re curious about Jelly Fish or want to learn more, read on for the best ways to use this CBD-rich strain.


As an Intro to Cannabis

If you’re new to weed, CBD-rich strains like Jelly Fish are a great place to start. With only a small percentage of THC, you’ll be able to gauge your limits without going overboard. Some people are also sensitive to the effects of THC, so it might be wise for you to toke on Jelly Fish until you understand exactly how these cannabinoids affect you.


For Tolerance Breaks

On the other hand, if you’ve been going overboard with the THC and want to give yourself a tolerance break, Jelly Fish can help get you back on track. Many people use cannabis medicinally so it is not always possible to go cold turkey and stop smoking entirely. In these cases, Jelly Fish is the perfect middle ground: You can still reap many of the benefits of cannabis while lowering your tolerance for THC at the same time.


To Switch Up Your Routine

When you work out, many professionals say that you need to change up your exercise routine and surprise your muscles to get the best results. Cannabis works kind of like that too. If you smoke the same strain at the same time each and every day, you might not be getting the most from your weed regimen.

Try replacing one of your joints with a CBD-rich strain or mix it in with your usual go-to. You might be surprised what can happen when you introduce some different cannabinoids to your routine.


As Part of Your Self-Care Regimen

CBD is lauded for its array of wellness benefits like easing stress and anxiety—and Jelly Fish is as calm and soothing as it gets. Roll up a joint before your next self-care sesh to bust stress and ride a wave of relaxation. It pairs perfectly with a bubble bath, a face mask, and your coziest robe.


Final Thoughts

Although we all love a good old-fashioned THC-rich strain, it’s clear that CBD-focused strains like Jelly Fish can have a place in your stash. No matter how you choose to use Jelly Fish, just know that you’re in for a relaxing time.

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Kelly Graham

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