Glass House Farms Pre-Rolls Packaged to Protect the Ocean

June 8th, 2023

To cultivate world-class cannabis, you’ve got to keep your plants happy. Naturally, nothing makes plants more pleased than having a healthy planet where they can grow and thrive.

That’s why, from our earliest days, Glass House Farm has remained committed to
making our operation as sustainable as possible. Encompassing everything from the cultivation benefits of a greenhouse approach to tracking our carbon emission
benchmarks, Glass House Farms seeks to lead by example in hopes of fostering a
better, more sustainable future for the cannabis industry.

Single Pre-roll Tubes Made with Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic:

As a part of our continued sustainability efforts, we’ve partnered with Oceanworks to utilize reclaimed ocean-bound plastic to package our single pre-roll tubes. Through this partnership, we obtain high-quality recycled plastic that has been collected from ocean- bound sources. This means that plastic waste that would otherwise pollute our oceans will be repurposed and given a new life as packaging for each of our single pre-roll tubes. By using this recycled material, we’re able to significantly reduces our reliance on virgin plastic and actively contributes to the reduction of plastic waste.

Glass House Farms pre rolls are made with the same exceptional flower found in our eighth jars, but rolled neatly into each tube for a convenient way to light up on-the go. We never use trim, only full flower grown in our own greenhouses in Santa Barbara, CA. Our 1G pre rolls come in a full spectrum of strains, from Sativas to Indicas, all hand- selected by our cultivation experts.

About Oceanworks:

Helping to build a circular economy:

In concept, circular systems extend the life cycle of products by means of repairing, refurbishing, or otherwise recycling existing materials and products. It’s all about keeping waste to a minimum. Less plastic will lead to a healthier planet, making our pre- roll single packaging yet another way in which Glass House Farms is committed to making plants happy.

Serving as a global marketplace for recycled plastic materials, Oceanworks bills
themselves as “a group of fast paced innovators, trained engineers, and creative
thinkers committed to accelerating the transition to a world without plastic pollution.” Built on a foundation of transparency, quality, and sustainability, Oceanworks is on a mission keep plastic out of our oceans by building a circular economy — one that we’re proud to be a part of.

Currently, as much as 11 million metric tons of plastics are entering the ocean each year, creating a pollution problem estimated to be setting us back $2.2 trillion annually when factoring in both the environmental and social cost. Furthermore, EPA estimates reveal that only as little as 8% of plastic is ultimately recycled, underscoring the need for circular system solutions.Browse replica Rolex watches sponsored by our partners, offering a diverse selection to suit different tastes and budgets, available online.