Best Products for Festival Season

May 28th, 2022
Once again faced with the promise of a packed festival calendar this summer, Glass House Farms picks the products best suited to rocking your next weekend out.

For fans of live music and community gatherings, this year’s festival season promises to be an absolute banger. Featuring a mix of returning favorites (Coachella, Outside Lands) and new contenders (Just Like Heaven, Portola), the landscape for getting down to some sweet tunes in the coming months is flush with choice picks. And along with locking down tickets, you’ll also want to be sure you’ve got your cannabis inventory covered for these outings too.

As far as we’re concerned, having your pockets unencumbered is a clutch move for maximizing a festival weekend. After all, who wants to dash from seeing Vampire Weekend to catch a set from SZA with a bunch of weed accessories slapping against their thigh. That’s a literal drag! Fortunately, Glass House Farms is here to send you off to festival nirvana with but a tin and lighter to look after.

The star of the show is our infused pre-rolls, which feature live resin and diamonds from the world-class extractors at FIELD. Available in a variety of tantalizing crosses, each tin includes five .5g pre-rolls. Arguably the perfect size for a sesh between sets, it’s easy to see why our customers consider a tin of Glass House Farms x FIELD infused pre-rolls as a must-have plus-one for the ultimate festival experience.

We love to provide people with options, which is why our line of infused pre-roll tins currently features nine different combinations of sun-powered, greenhouse grown Glass House flower and tasty, terpene-rich FIELD extracts. To help you quickly find the best fit for your next outing, here are a few of our top picks to elevate your festival season this summer.

With all due respect to British pop sensation Harry Styles and his chart-topping single, “Watermelon Sugar,” we’re still riding high on Lilac Sugar: a potent pairing of our Sugar Tarts Herb with FIELD’s Lilac Diesel Sauce. The result is an infused pre-roll with delicate floral notes and upbeat, energizing effects. Ideal for a mood boost, Lilac Sugar is meant for those who love to live in the moment, making it an ideal conduit for festival merriment. And don’t worry Harry fans — it’s nothing personal. We just think sugar makes everything better!
It’s hard to deny the pure euphoria that seeing an artist you love with a massive crowd of equally excited people can create. It’s a special feeling and one that deserves to be paired with a pre-roll that can match the moment. We think Macaroonz is up to the challenge. Featuring a blend of our Mac 1 Herb and FIELD’s Runtz Live Resin, this confection of a pre-roll boasts notes of fruit candy and funk and can help to keep your mind balanced while you’re raising the roof.
You can always tell that festival season has arrived when the Hawaiian shirts come out. Known as an occasion where outfits and costumes both colorful and bizarre can be spotted as frequently as the merch booths and pizza stands, musical festivals and their kin invite us to get a little kooky — and yes, occasionally tropical — with our fashion. If you want to elevate your look with an uplifting pre-roll, take a ride with Saber Fruit. Rich with the aroma of fresh mangoes and papaya, this blend of our Super Silver Haze flower and FIELD’s Papaya Punch extract will slice through what ails you and keep you feeling sharp.
Getting food during a festival isn’t always easy. If you’ve got a sweet tooth but no patience to spend an hour in a line to buy an overpriced churro, we’d suggest you skip the queue with our Blueberry Ice Cream infused pre-rolls. Marrying the best of our Ice Cream Cake flower with FIELD’s Blueberry Cookies concentrate, consider dessert covered when you’ve got a tin of Blueberry Ice Cream. The cherry on top is a decadent flavor profile that blends vanilla, sweet cream, and berries. Yum!
Sometimes a name just says it all, right? Such is the case with our Vacay Mode infused pre-rolls. No booking confirmation is required to board this flight, which combines FIELD’s Papaya Punch and Sugar Tarts extracts with our potent Platinum OG flower. Take a few puffs and enjoy the relaxed, happy, and oh-so-chill feelings to follow. Great for taking a few sets off and catching some shade to recharge, Vacay Mode is a honey- and pine-powered ticket to a peaceful break from the hustle and grind.

They call it the golden hour or the sunset slot but the best word to describe it is magical. That’s what it feels like to see a musician you love play their heart out to the backdrop of a setting sun. That’s a tough sensation to match, but Hazy Sky is no ordinary pre-roll. Filled with three legendary strains, this heavyweight in our infused pre-roll line puts a cross of Glass House Farms’ Super Silver Haze Herb and Skywalker in the ring with FIELD’s Sugar Tarts Live Resin. Light it up and let the good times roll! The clouds don’t stand a chance.

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