Sign the Petition for Cannabis Pardons

February 16, 2022

Here at Glass House Farms, we believe in fighting for our community and what’s right. That’s why we have a simple ask of you. It’s free and easy. You can even do it from your phone.

Please sign this petition asking President Biden for a general pardon to anyone convicted of a federal marijuana offense. Please share the petition and help us spread the word.

This petition was started by Mission Green, an initiative we strongly support that is working to secure the release of those in prison for cannabis-related offenses and create pathways to expungement or pardons so those impacted can be released. The Mission Green Initiative is led by individuals who have themselves been negatively affected by the justice system.

We urge everyone who reads this article to sign the petition asking President Biden for compassion regarding cannabis arrests.

Additionally, Glass House Farms will be donating $1 to Mission Green for every pre roll pack sold at participating retailers from 2/15-3/15

About Mission Green

Mission Green is committed to supporting and providing financial assistance for individuals incarcerated for cannabis. This initiative was started by Weldon Angelos, a father and music producer who was sentenced to 55 years in federal prison for selling cannabis to pay his bills.

After thirteen years in prison, Weldon was released in 2016. His case is just one of countless showing how the War on Drugs negatively impacts America’s own citizens.
Weldon’s story is not unique – thousands of people are serving time in federal prison for cannabis-related offenses, many of them non-violent offenders, and some are serving life sentences. The Weldon Project hopes to impact the justice system by demanding positive change.

Since cannabis prohibition, millions of people have been arrested for marijuana offenses. And unfortunately, these arrests disproportionately impact Black and Brown communities, who are arrested at higher rates than their white counterparts. This continues to be an issue in the United States, even though recreational marijuana is now legal in 18 states and Washington D.C.

By advocating for change and providing much-needed resources to those who need it, Mission Green is committed to dismantling prohibition’s devastating impact on society.

How Can You Help?

If you are interested in learning more about Mission Green, or if you want to get involved, please visit Mission Green’s website. There, you can find more information to help show your support and make a donation.

Together, we can make a difference.