Get Out of the Weeds for Women’s Health Week

May 12th, 2022

Since we first hit the scene, Glass House Farms has made no secret of how seriously we take our commitment to sustainability.

To the contrary: we’ll take every chance we’re offered to shout it from the rooftops if it helps to welcome others to the cause.

As part of our pro-climate approach, we also believe that our customers should get the same level of care and focus that we give to our signature plants. After all, wellness starts from within, right? And if we want to work to keep our planet healthy, we need to take care of ourselves too!

That’s the motivation that drives us to phenotype hunt for new fire genetics, to partner with a local company to create home compostable preroll tubes, and to plan events that bring our cannabis community together. It’s all done in appreciation and support of the people who make it possible for pot to be our profession.

As part of that pledge, we make sure to always stay on the lookout for opportunities to infuse a little THC into our customers’ calendars.

Fortunately, the arrival of May brings with it two phenomenal reasons to highlight the ways in which cannabis can hopefully help you to feel as good as our crops! In terms of how best to celebrate the arrival of Mother’s Day and Women’s Health Week (May 8–14), we confess our minds are a bit preoccupied with one solution: cannabis.

Why do we see the two as connected? Well, within the world of cannabis cultivation, female plants are the dominant producer of the buds you know and love. In addition, some mother pot plants are revered for their genetic bounties, providing growers with fresh cuts of cherished classic strains to ensure the supply never runs dry.

At Glass House Farms, we see the health of our female plants as being of paramount importance — and we feel the exact same way about our customers too. That’s why we’re focused on releasing products targeted to help you find effects specific to your needs.

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It all starts with Glass House Farms’ strain library, where you can browse flower categorized by feeling, flavor, and usage preference, be it a sleep-aid for a new mom or something dank and divine to put a hardworking brain at ease. If you’re looking to start at the shallow end of the pool, our exclusive Jelly Fish strain offers relaxation, calm, and relief with the added comfort of a “barely-there” high.

Boasting a lineage of Power Plant crossed with Lavender, this non-psychoactive (but fully flavorful) star in our strain library is a fanatic entry point for anyone looking to start slow but benefit fast. But we’d be remiss to suggest Jelly Fish is only for individuals who don’t dig a lot of THC. Far from it as its value as a post-workout pick-me-up or clearheaded compliment to a busy day extends to consumers of all tolerance levels.

In fact, if Women’s Health Week has inspired you to give a new athletic activity a try, you may find our Jelly Fish flower helps you to make good on tying-up your laces and getting out there. Position your workout to be less of a pain by starting (or finishing) your session with some Jelly Fish. Good for muscles, stress, and recovery, it’s become a gym bag mainstay for those who know — which now includes you!

As we mentioned earlier, wellness is about far more than blood pressure checks and brushing your teeth. Just as a full commitment to one’s health requires attention paid not only to the body but to the mind and spirit as well, our strain library is filled with options that cater to needs across all three areas.

We’ve also got you covered on making things portable with a premiere line of prerolls available in multiple sizes. Oh, did you want those prerolls infused with delicious live resin from F/ELD Extracts? Consider it done. The way we see it: if you’re going to flex, make it in service of your product and your people.

That’s how we do things at Glass House Farm, and it’s why we’re proud to offer the best greenhouse cannabis grown in California in hopes it can enhance your Mother’s Day and Women’s Health Week however you see fit. Most importantly, we welcome the arrival of these occasions as a timely reminder that we must all care, both for each other and ourselves.