Love Death + Robots & California Cannabis

For a few months, we’ve been delighted to work on a collaboration with the teams behind Love Death + Robots, a hit Netflix Original Series. After discovering a mutual love for creativity, engaging storytelling, visual sumptuousness and, yes, cannabis, we set out to create a custom kit to go along with the release of season 2 of the graphics-heavy, futuristic show, executive produced by David Fincher.

 A New Kind of Pairing

We all know that cannabis and food pairings have become an area of growing interest around the world, as chefs and cannasseurs strive to create novel combinations of the flavors of food with those of the almost infinite varieties of cannabis. With the Love Death + Robots team, however, we imagined a different kind of strain pairing, one focused not on flavors, but on content, mood, feeling, and experience. Since the second season of the show consists of eight self-contained stories, each presenting its own unique world of experience, we thought it would be powerful to match these aspects of cannabis experience to the stories being told instead.

Heightened, Immersive Experiences

Together, we crafted these experiential kits under the concept of “Eight episodes, eight curated strains.” How well our pairings achieved the goal of heightening the immersive experience of the show, we’ll leave up to you to tell us (and please do!), but we’re psyched to share them with you. A small number of these “flights” of 1g full-flower pre rolls were seeded to influencers and personalities we think would enjoy the experiment, and the rest of these extremely-limited, collectible boxes complete with custom lighter and show info, are now on sale exclusively at The Pottery in LA and at The Farmacy Berkeley in the Bay Area.

As always, we hope you enjoy the ride.
Love Death + Robots Volume 2 is live on Netflix beginning May 14.