There’s a Lot to Consider When Selecting Which Strains to Grow

Posted January 21st 

Peek behind the Glass House Farms curtain with this breakdown on all that goes into deciding which strains make our menu.

Before the age of legalization, choice was a foreign concept to most cannabis consumers.

In large part, the reason for this was a simple matter of supply and demand. With no legal option for purchasing cannabis, any consumers looking to score were forced to accept whatever was available to buy. Sure, some people claimed to know which strains were which, but often this confidence amounted to little more than a guessing game.

Following the advent of medical marijuana markets — first in California, then across the U.S. — patients were at last provided with an opportunity, at least in some cases, to choose between multiple strains. Progress on the access front also meant progress for any scientific researchers eager to uncover all there is to know about cannabis. At the same time, the existence, then expansion of legal markets served to usher in a major increase in the number of strains being cultivated, created, and refined.
Today, Glass House Farms is proud to offer a wide array of the world’s best weed. Part of this pride is reflected in the strains we showcase, which may lead one to wonder: how do we choose which strains to grow?



The truth is that there are a number of different factors we take into consideration when deciding which strains to cultivate at Glass House Farms.
One aspect of the equation concerns the economic and agricultural viability of a given strain. This means gauging things like a strain’s expected yield, greenhouse performance, and resistance to regional pests and pathogens as a means of deciding whether it will be a suitable fit for our operation. Other elements on this front include a strain’s current or predicted popularity in the marketplace as well as the hardiness of its genetics.

Additionally, there are strains which can thrive regardless of the time of year and strains which strongly prefer a certain season. Thus, if you’ve ever wondered why that strain you like that used to be in stock is suddenly no longer available, that could be the reason why!

Finding cannabis strains that can check each of the boxes detailed above is crucial, but at the same time, we also want to ensure we’re always focusing on what matters most to our consumers.

To achieve that goal, we place special importance on selecting strains with unique qualities, popular potency levels, and far-out terpene profiles. Furthermore, for as long as humans have sold cannabis to one another, a strain’s perceived “bag appeal” — be it wild coloring, unusual aromas, or, in the best of circumstances, both and more — has also held weight in the eyes of consumers and cultivators alike. No exception here!

Put it all together and you have an idea of the blueprint we rely on to decide which strains to grow. To help further contextualize everything, let’s look at some of the strains currently on our menu and why we’re so proud to feature them.



The feelings of euphoria and gentle sedation consumers enjoy after smoking our Fire OG have turned this limonene-packed strain into a big hit. For us, the appeal of Fire OG extends to its relatively speedy flowering cycle, which means a faster turnaround for yields and a great opportunity to stay well-stocked on this Indica-leaning option.

fire og indica
Harvesting cannabis plants

Boasting a vaunted lineage that crosses Cherry Pie with GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies), our Wedding Cake is both a true night-time delicacy and a trusted go-to for Glass House thanks to its reliably hearty yields, incredible cake genetics, and signature frosty trichomes.

If you want to talk about unique genetics, look no further than Jellyfish: Glass House’s answer for those who want a non-psychoactive consumption experience. Arguably one of the crown jewels in our strain library, Jellyfish is a menu staple that also serves to set our menu apart from the crowd.

It stinks to feel like you’ve missed out on a big new thing, which is why we’re working hard to ensure our supply of Runtz never runs low. Chosen by Leafly in 2020 as the best strain of the year, this incredibly terpene-rich strain born of two equally terp-forward parents, Zkittles and Gelato, is bursting with sweet fruity grape flavor. Topped with a blanket of tempting trichomes, Runtz delivers a long-lasting, let-the-good-times-roll type of high that won’t weigh you down.

Runtz indica

After all, if you enjoy it, we want to grow it!

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