Spark up your Labor Day weekend with Glass House Farms

August 31st, 2023

What’s better than a long weekend?

A weekend spent enjoying some extra highs with the freshest strains Glass House Farms has to offer! Whether you’re spending Labor Day weekend traveling, relaxing, or taking care of some last minute yard work, we can’t think of a better addition to the holiday than a lineup of some of our favorite strains.

Rev up your weekend plans with a bit of Grease Monkey. While most use the long weekend to escape on a quick vacation, many more jump at the chance to finally take care of some much needed tasks. Whether you’re tinkering away on your car, spending some time on yard work, or simply taking care of that Spring Cleaning that you seem to keep putting off, puff on some Grease Monkey after all the work is said and done. A flawless fusion of everyone’s favorite wind-down strains Gorilla Glue and Cookies & Cream, makes this the perfect afternoon strain to help you kick back after a long day of manual labor.

Hitting the road this three-day weekend? Hope you brought along a good podcast and some snacks because you’ll be playing the Waiting Game – not just with traffic, but also with this award-winning strain of the same name. While bright and energizing at first, this killer sativa-dominant strain will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed just like a long weekend should. So, if you’re lucky enough to not be the designated driver, consider lighting up some Waiting Game and enjoy the ride.

If you’re just rolling with whatever the weekend brings, stay prepared with a pack of infused-pre-rolls. With a strain blend of Papaya and Mac 1, these Papaya Cookies pre-rolls are great to keep in your back pocket for when you get that last minute invite to the bbq or potluck. Each 0.5g pre-roll is tightly packed with flavors of tropical fruit and zesty lemon, for a joyful and clear-headed high. Stay prepared and roll up with a 5 count pre-roll pack that’s perfect for sharing and socializing.

Hit the beach with Jelly Fish CBD. This award-winning CBD strain is designed to provide you with an ample dose of relaxation, without the high. Like the soothing rhythm of the ocean, Jelly Fish offers a gentle current of calmness that flows through your senses, allowing you to float into a state of bliss. So, as you dunk your toes into the sand, close your eyes and let Jelly Fish wash away any tension in your mind and body, leaving only calm waters in its wake.

Pack your bags (and the bowls)

Make the most of this Labor Day weekend with Glass House Farms and remember, the good times don’t have to end when you clock back into work on Tuesday. Our exceptional range of cannabis products is here for you year round! Shop our full product range here.