Premium Cannabis Products

At Glass House Farms, we take pride in hand-crafting exceptional cannabis in our sun-powered greenhouses in Santa Barbara, CA. From seed to sale, we focus on quality, community, and the environment.


Our eighth jars contain the signature flower our reputation is built on. Grown in sun-powered greenhouses, our hand-selected cultivars are nurtured using environmentally sensitive techniques such as integrated pest management and water recapture. Our flower is hand-trimmed and sealed for freshness. Choose from our full spectrum of strains, from Sativas to Indicas, all crafted to deliver an exceptional high.

Casitas Project

Welcome to the Glass House Farms Casitas Project. If you’re looking to discover new strains or get exclusive access to some of the most exciting strains and cuts on the market, you’ve come to the right place.


At Glass House Farms, Grower’s Choice is our proudest work. It is skill and good fortune, genetics, climate, sunshine, and care, joining forces in a rare harmony of technology and nature. It is leading-edge strains, exotic flavors, potent effects, and true-top-shelf quality cannabis, grown on our greenhouse farm in Santa Barbara, hand-selected by a specialized team, only when all the elements are just right. We call it Grower’s Choice because it’s what we choose to share with our family, our friends, and our neighbors. 


Glass House Farms prerolls are made with the same exceptional flower found in our eighth jars. We never use trim, only full flower grown in our own greenhouses in Santa Barbara, CA. Our 1G pre-rolls come in a full spectrum of strains, from Sativas to Indicas, all hand-selected by our cultivation experts.

Pre-Roll PACKS

Five perfectly sized half-gram prerolls, sealed for freshness, and packed in a low-profile, recyclable tin designed to fit in your pocket or bag. All our prerolls use our signature Glass House Farms flower, never trim, grown in our sun-powered greenhouses in Santa Barbara, CA.


This one really smacks. This dream collab between Glass House Farms and the masters of F/ELD Extracts marries our sustainably grown cannabis with F/ELD’s tasty, terpy live resin and diamonds. Technically, they’re infused Pre-Rolls. But, around here, we call them the latest innovation in sustainable space travel.


Small but mighty. Our smalls are just like our signature full-size nugs, just littler. Grown in our sun-powered greenhouses in Santa Barbara, CA, these larger-size 7g and 28g bags are designed to keep your stash stocked and deliver the same high you love from Glass House Farms at an even better value.