5 Uplifting Sativa Strains for Spring Cleaning

May 18th, 2023

With spring in full swing, many of us are gearing up for a long weekend (or several) of knocking out our spring cleaning checklists. Whether you plan on deep cleaning the whole house or purging your closet to make room for your new summer fit, it never hurts to have a secret weapon in your back pocket to help move things along.

Known for their abilities to energize and uplift, sativa strains of cannabis can make your spring cleaning way more bearable. Today, we’ll hand pick some sativa strains perfect for completing those household chores you were avoiding.

Why Choose Sativa for Spring Cleaning?

Between indica and sativa, the two main types of cannabis, there’s no question that sativa is the better choice for getting things done. Sativa strains are known to be less “heavy” than indica strains, the high being often described as more of a “head high” rather than a full-body high.

Sativa strains tend to have more bright & uplifting effects which helps in enhancing the user’s focus, creativity, and energy levels. So while indica is great for times when you want to relax, sativas are the superior choice when you have a plan in mind and a task to complete.

Here are our recommendations for the best Glass House Farms strains for spring cleaning:

This fan favorite boasts a stellar blend of sweet and pine terpenes, resulting in a cerebral bang that keeps you active and engaged for hours on end. Cherry AK is a sweet citrus strain with minty, earthy, and sweet cherry notes. If you’re looking to elevate your consciousness while accomplishing tasks, Cherry AK is a solid choice.

Lilac Diesel tastes basically just how it sounds – like fresh flowers, gas, and jelly-filled donuts. This delightful sativa strain comes from an impressive lineage of crowd-pleasers like Silver Lemon Haze and Forbidden Fruit, making it the ultimate dessert for your body and fuel for your mind. Enjoy the sweet, creamy flavors while embracing an energetic and creative yet balanced high.

With the sun shining and the flowers in bloom, all you need is a few tokes of Hella Jelly to put an exhilarating extra pep in your step. This sunny sativa strain is known for its fruity, candy-like flavor and is a favorite among those looking for something to perk themselves up. Unlike heavier strains, Hella Jelly won’t weigh you down and is an ideal choice before tackling your household chores.

Need to get sh*t done? Cheetah Piss is the answer. Spark up a beautiful nug and wait for the buzzy effects to kick in, energizing you and bringing out your productive side. The flavor profile contains notes of sour citrus, skunk, and Brie cheese, which produces a sour smell and funky taste that sativa lovers go nuts for.

Look up the word ‘sativa’ in the dictionary and you might just find a picture of Super Silver Haze. This supercharged strain produces the epitome of a true sativa experience, a magical combination of focused calm and energy. Get ready to embark on a mood- lifting journey that unlocks your productivity, creativity, and joy. Super Silver Haze features notes of sage, menthol, and spring rain for a grounded vibe that instantly uplifts you.

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